Ramya Behara

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  • Hemanth

    You are my favourite singer & I am a huge fan to u. Your songs will make me happy in any sad situations. And you have a luck why because the God gives u a sweet voice to singing a wonderful songs. I wish u will become a world’s best singer. And always I like u so much & also your songs

  • Shashi

    Iam a huge fan of u because i dont know when i was 9th i was just listened one of ur song thats it untill now iam listening only ur songs ur voice and slowy addicted ur sweetness to songs am totally addicted to ur songs i was created a file for u in my mobile that will have full of ur songs only ur the inspiration when i was in dull ur voice makes me active i really like u so much and ur my fav singer forever and ever keep rocking like this

  • superb songs by RAMYA BEHARA GARU.what a SWEET VOICE…

  • Saikumar sai

    So nice song ramya behara garu ni voice malli malli vinalani anipinchela padav e song ni

  • Siva *

    Nice Collection *

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